First Package Waster Defense Dam Open in Serbia

Sekopak sets new standards in river preservation
Raška, 11 April 2017 – Sekopak company, recycled package waste management leader, opened the first dam in Serbia for package waste defense today, in Batnjik on the river Raška. Branislav Nedimović, Minister of Agriculture and Environment Protection in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Kyle Randolph Scott, US Ambassador, Philip Pinnington, Ambassador of Canada, Ignjat Rakitić, President of the municipality of Raška and representatives of Sekopak and Apatin Brewery attended the grand opening of the dam. 

Newly opened mesh dam collects package waste from watercourses, preventing river pollution. 

“Sekopak, with its founders, should be a role model for all other companies when it comes to environment protection. This is a pilot project whose importance was recognized by the government and in case good results are confirmed, and we believe they will be, we plan to support opening such dams on other rivers all over Serbia” said the Minister of Agriculture and Environment Protection Branislav Nedimović. 

In this way, the package waste will not only be prevented from flowing down rivers anymore, it will be reused owing to the recycle technology. The dam does not impair the river ecosystem, flora and fauna with its design and material of construction, and it is made of elements developed from high quality stainless steel. 

“This project is important for the entire Serbia, and it is very important that it is implemented on the territory of the former first Serbian state and the fact that we have gathered here on Environment Protection Day. River Raška is one of the most polluted in Serbia, the Ministry and Sekopak with its partners understood our position and donated the dam. For the following couple of months 40 people will clean its shores, after which it will flow into the river Ibar clear” said Ignjat Rakitić, President of the municipality of Raška. 

This project, EUR 100,000 worth, was financed by Sekopak, with the support from Apatin Brewery partners, and companies Tetra Pak, Knjaz Milos, Ball, CHR and the municipality of Raška. 

“Team effort and long-term cooperation between the municipality of Raška and Sekopak company led to the idea to contribute to the protection of the environment even more, especially our rivers. This is the project that will set new standards in preservation of rivers in Serbia, and the effects and results of this pilot project shall be the foundation for setting new dams. There are several examples of such solutions worldwide. What characterizes this project is that due to relatively narrow watercourse we could apply material that is 100% eco-friendly” said Violeta Belanović Kokir, Director of Sekopak. 

In the last seven years, Sekopak, owing to its partners and collection network, collected and delivered over 60,000 tons of package waste for recycling.