Owing to the Ministry of Interior and Apatin Brewery, high school graduates from Apatin, Odzaci, Kula and Sombor trained in NAVAK
Belgrade, 18 May 2018 – In marking the Road Traffic Safety Global Week, Apatin Brewery, with the support of local municipalities and cities, organized safe driving training for one hundred high school graduates from Apatin, Odžaci, Kula and Sombor. The goal of this activity was to offer practical and theoretical training of the driving academy to as many high school students of age that already own driving licenses, to teach them to recognize and react to dangers during driving and acquire real driving experience. 

Considering the fact the statistics show that the most common cause of traffic accidents including young drivers is overconfidence and lack of experience, Apatin Brewery, teamed up with the Traffic police directorate, tries to act preventively and enable young drivers acquire new knowledge and skills through this training, regarding safe handling of the vehicle. 

The training was a unique opportunity to teach young drivers that safe driving does not merely include following traffic regulations, but it includes saving own life and lives of other traffic participants.

This is not the first generation of graduate students that had the opportunity to attend this unusual training. The students agreed that this experience was precious to them, as they did in the past. Graduate students stipulated that they are very aware that the risky situations they experienced in training in safe conditions would have been more dramatic had they happened in real traffic. 

The statistics show that this type of training impacts more responsible behavior of young drivers in traffic, they are less prone to cause traffic violations, and, according to the records of the Ministry of Interior, young drivers that passed this training did not cause any traffic accidents. 

Through the realization of this training in the NAVAK center, the Brewery simultaneously supports the activity “Graduation 2018”, implemented by the Ministry of Interior with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, with the goal of improving safety of senior high school students. Parallel to this activity, Apatin Brewery, together with the Traffic police directorate, for the 11th year in a row, organizes the campaign “When I drink I don’t drive” that successfully raises awareness of the drivers and points out the significance of responsible consumption and risks of driving under the influence of alcohol.