Apatin Brewery Collected 750,000 Bottle Caps

Funds from the sale of collected caps donated to the “Cap for Handicap” association
Novi Sad, 12 March 2017 – Actively supporting Cap for Handicap association, Apatin Brewery donated 750,000 metal beer caps collected through the engagement of employees of the brewery. Collected caps have been delivered to the President of the association Zoran Martinov at company premises in Novi Sad, and all proceeds from the sale of collected caps shall be used for the purchase of orthopedic aids for disabled persons. 

“Together with our partners we are trying to facilitate daily lives of persons with disabilities all over Serbia and each donation represents one new victory. We are grateful to Apatin Brewery and all other partners providing support” said Zoran Martinov, President of the Cap for Handicap association.

“Apatin Brewery supports Cap for Handicap from the very beginning through numerous activities with employees collecting caps in offices. On all events where we are present we are trying to promote the importance of collecting caps, and we encourage our partners and associates to become socially responsible and to provide the necessary number of orthopedic aids together with the association” Apatin Brewery states. 

Collected caps were taken by the “Second” company that purchases and sells secondary raw material of all types.