Meet Our People

I came to Apatin Brewery in 2015, to the Marketing Department where I acquired different expertise, in a very inspiring and challenging environment. After that, I became part of the Customer Excellence team where I got the opportunity to expand and upgrade my knowledge and sail into the new pores of business. It is a great feeling to have experience from a number of departments working close together, since in this manner it is easier to overcome business challenges and you have the opportunity to improve teamwork easily. 

It’s really “cool” to be part of the brewery, I think this industry is interesting. For me, large motivation was the fact that we “live” our brands and it is really a privilege to sell Jelen beer, the largest beer brand in Serbia. What is special to me is the fact that my colleagues are great people and real team players and we really work as a team every day!

When you are a part of the multinational company all the innovation, best practice and knowledge is available to you. This really gives you the opportunity to, over time, through practice, become a true expert in your area. In our company hard work and effort are appreciated and if you are motivated to work, success is guaranteed. Apatin Brewery offers a combination of great business atmosphere, made by great people working here and quality business from which you learn on a daily basis. 

Zorana Drobnjak, Customer Marketing Manager OFF Trade

I have been working in the brewery for 12 years now, during which I have moved from the sales representative  and working in the field, to the position of the supervisor and manager and then to the engagement in the central Molson Coors Europe team in which I spent four years. Since the Apatin Brewery is part of the Molson Coors Group, world’s third largest beer manufacturer, the employees enjoy a special opportunity to develop and grow. From personal experience, I can say that, if you are dedicated and hard-working, if you believe in what you do, maintain team spirit and know how to use opportunities presented to you, there is a lot of room to grow in our company. 

After all these years, I look forward to every day in the Brewery and the possibility to contribute to achieving best possible results with my colleagues that are sure to make us the first choice for our customers and consumers. 

The feeling of belonging I experienced in every team and on every level I ever worked in here is very important for me, as well as a number of possibilities to improve business skills I always tried to use.

Companionship and good atmosphere are pleasant for every employee, and the method of communication and respect of colleagues, as well as different views and opinions produces a creative environment that can only lead to achieving top results. 

Dimitrije Petrović, RTM and WHS Manager Serbia 

In addition to professional satisfaction, cooperation with great people making this company is something that motivated me to invest maximum energy and talent into my job after almost eight years. Even though the focus on tasks is primary to all employees, this company has so many talented and funny people making each working day a special experience and feeling. 

I came to the company from finance, where, regardless of the content, the final product is always paper, in the form of a report. Honestly, I felt a void, since I saw no real point in my work. It is completely different in the Apatin Brewery. It is simply cool to be part of the best brewery in Serbia and be part of the machinery delivering great beer to the market!

I think the brewery is a great place to start a career – the work is challenging, but full of satisfaction, the colleagues and competent and ready to introduce you to the business, and the rules for promotion are not rigid, it is possible to move upward horizontally and vertically – most people decide what to specialize in and during their careers they develop in one line of work, but this company supports people like me who like to try different areas. At the end of the day, talented and hard-working people are recognized, and the company invests in their development!

Srdjan Djuričić, Revenue Growth and Category Development Manager

I started my career in the Apatin Brewery in 2005 and since then I worked on a couple of different positions. Molson Coors is a company where people come first, where the opinion of employees is well respected and appreciated. This gives us the opportunity to constantly grow through our regular work, trainings, knowledge and experience we acquire. I believe that by working in the Apatin Brewery you get a chance to expand and improve your knowledge, along with the great business atmosphere and team spirit that is nurtured. 

Miloš Rogan, Regional Sales Manager