Environment protection

Environment protection

Responsibility towards the environment is an integral part of our business, and in accordance with that we set the goals for rational energy consumption by organizing the entire business in order to secure efficient energy savings and reduce the emission of polluting gases aimed at environment protection.

We recycle, sort and manage more that 80% of waste in accordance with EU standards. We follow all the environmental requirements, rationalize water, carbon-dioxide and electricity consumption instead of crude oil we use natural gas as well as vehicles with lower pollutant emissions, and waste lubricants are disposed of in a proper manner. 

Since 2008 we have been campaigning cans recycling during concerts, Beer Fest and other events along with our strategic partner ReCan and Sekopak, under the slogan “You Recycle Too”.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Together with the municipality of Apatin, in 2011, we started the project of constructing waste water treatment plant valued at 6 million euro along with the accompanying infrastructure for our factory and the waste water treatment plant of the city of Apatin. Through this project we continue investing into the local community, actively contributing to the resolution of the waste water issue and preserving the environment in Apatin.