Responsible employer

Best employer

At the competition for the Best Employer, organized by Infostud, Apatin Brewery won the first prize, in 2010 and 2012, in the large enterprise category. This award proves we have great communication with our employees. In addition to being the best employer in Serbia and the region, according to the opinion of our employees, Apatin Brewery was declared the best employer with best development options, best interpersonal relationships and best conditions of work.

Professional development of employees

Apatin Brewery allocates significant funds for employee education and training for the purpose of professional development. Each employee, depending on their position and identified needs regarding future development, passes through a series of relevant internal and external trainings. We shall continue investing into our people in order to develop their requirements for professional improvement and motivation and in order to build teams of talented and ambitious people that can recognize the leadership spirit of Apatin Brewery.

Responsible business partners

We monitor the entire Supply chain from the supplier to consumer, from the procurement of raw material to the delivery of products. We are in constant communication with our customers, consumers, suppliers and other business partners to integrate feedback we receive from them into our business and improve our business in that manner.