Love for Beer

We create extraordinary brands, we love what we do and never take our job for granted. 

As the brewery with several centuries of tradition, Apatin brewery is the leader on the domestic market and renowned for the quality of its brands. The brands of the Apatin brewery include Jelen Pivo, Jelen Fresh Lemon, Jelen Fresh Grapefruit, Jelen Cool, followed by Apatinsko Pivo, Nikšićko Pivo, Nikšićko Tamno, Staropramen, Lowenbrau, Beck’s and Stella Artois.

Business Built on Corporate Responsibility

We care about our community and places in which we brew and sell our beers, just as you do. We believe that corporate ethics, integrity, respect and responsibility must be an integral part of everything we do, wherever we do it. Otherwise, it’s not worth the trouble. This is the way we do our business and it shall never change.

Dedication to Innovation

Our corporate values demand we search for ways to move the limits of the expected and offer our beer lovers something new and exciting.

We were the first in Serbia to introduce a Czech beer into our production range, Staropramen, and Jelen Cool, the first domestic non-alcoholic beer. In 2011 we were the first on the domestic market to launch beers with fruity accents, Jelen Fresh Lemon initially, followed by Jelen Fresh Grapefruit. We plan to continue our innovations and launching new brands and packages. We never stop learning from our customers and this is the driver of our innovation.

Beer is Our Passion, Our Heritage, Our Future and Our Corporate Culture

We have been making beer for more than 260 years, we bring innovation and excite beer lovers all over the world. This is what gets us going at the start of the day.

Finally, we are all unique when it comes to our ultimate goal – creating range of extraordinary brands

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